Welcome to NFT Garden Docs

The NFT Garden docs provide instructions and resources that make it easy for developers and content holders to start web3 projects using NFTs.
The NFT Garden supports the minting of multi-chain NFTs with both web tools and APIs. Engineers starting a web3 project or companies adapting their existing services to web3 can access the web3 world through the NFT Garden and focus on their own projects.
The tutorial section provides a detailed explanation of the basics of how to generate NFTs using the NFT Garden.

NFT Garden is free, include gas fee

There are some limitations in the Beta version.
NFT Garden is currently in Beta service and all service and gas fees at NFT Garden are free of charge.

Now let's start minting NFTs!

A powerful set of features to support multi-chain NFT minting, including NFT API and web platform for developers and enterprises, accelerate web3 support. Start minting NFTs today!
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