Transfer NFT

This section describes the NFT transfer procedure.

See NFT Transfer Screen for items on the NFT transfer screen.

Transfer of NFTs generated by Solana Mainnet and Solana Testnet is not supported. Also, SBT NFTs cannot be transferred.


  • The NFT to be transferred has already been minted.

  • NFT transfers are enabled in the collection settings associated with the NFT to be transferred.

  • Already have the destination wallet address (42-digit alphanumeric code starting with 0x).

How to transfer NFT

When an NFT is selected on the NFT list screen, the details of the NFT are displayed in a modal window. Click the Transfer button in the modal window to go to the NFT Transfer page.

On the Transfer NFT page, enter the destination wallet address to perform the transfer.

NFT transfers can take from 30 seconds to 1 minute to complete. Do not reload the screen or move around during the transfer process.

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