Connect wallet

Supported wallets

NFT Garden supports three wallets in Torus MetaMask Phantom.

NFT Garden does not support MetaMask and Phantom mobile apps. please use the extension for PC browsers.


  • Registered with NFT Garden

1. Select wallet to connect

After logging in to NFT Garden, click the wallet icon in the header and select the wallet to use.

If you do not have a wallet, please select Torus.

Each wallet supports different blockchains. Please check the respective wallet pages (Torus, MetaMask, Phantom).

2. Wallet Registration

This procedure assumes that you are newly registered with the Torus wallet.

Torus is a web-based wallet that does not require any prior installation and allows you to sign in using various accounts.

After successful sign-in and wallet connection, the icon will change to the wallet logo display.

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