Mint NFT

This section describes the procedure for minting NFTs.

Refer to the NFT creation screen for items on the NFT minting screen.


  • Collection already created.

  • Wallet is connected to NFT Garden.

1. Mint NFT

Click the Add NFT button at the top of the NFT list screen to go to the NFT minting page. The NFT generation page allows you to set up the necessary items, including the NFT content file, to mint the NFT. The blockchain/network specified when creating the specified collection determines the blockchain/network of the minted NFT.

2. NFT processing status check

Once the mint of NFTs has started, the screen returns to the NFT list screen.

For the NFT list, see NFT list screen.

If NFT minting fails, use the Retry button to rerun the process. If the process still fails after retrying, please wait a few moments before trying to create a new one.

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