Ver 1.1

NFT Garden's release notes on the NFT API.
This version of the NFT API is obsolete. Please check the latest version.


Update: 2023/3/10

New features

  • Support for NFT minting in Harmony, Celo, Fuse, Evmos


Update: 2023/2/17

New features

  • Support for NFT minting in Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, Moonbeam, Moonriver


Update: 2023/1/19

Specification Change

  • Change request specifications for NFT transfers(transfernft).
  • Changed request specifications for NFT granting(createnfttrans).

Ver 1.1.3

Update: 2022/12/12

New feature

  • NFT minting with Solana and BNB chain is supported.
  • Collection creation via API is supported.

Bug fix

  • Minor bug fixes

Ver 1.1.2

Update: 2022/10/19

New feature

  • Addition of function to generate NFTs to a specified wallet address
  • Added judgment function for NFTs generated by NFT Garden
  • Addition of NFT transfer function

Bug fix

  • Minor bug fixes

Ver 1.1.1

Update: 2022/8/19

New feature

  • Optimism, Fantom chain support, and NFT creation in 4 additional networks

Bug fix

  • Minor bug fixes

Ver 1.1.0

Update: 2022/7/21

Functional improvement

  • Added functionality to enable creation of up to 8 NFTs in a single request
  • Modification to enable chain specification when creating NFTs
  • Major specification changes to the NFT inquiry function
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